Company Tours

Behind the Scenes at HASE BIKES

Beautiful on the outside, exciting on the inside: Dive into the world of HASE BIKES on the historical grounds of the former coalmine Zeche Waltrop.



In our early years, the entire manufactory fit into the former colliery building. Now, all that’s left there are the sales, purchasing, bookkeeping, marketing, and development teams. We will take you through these departments – and of course the captivating SCHALTWERK shop and showroom on the ground floor.

In mid-2022, we moved all production operations to our new building. Here, you can see how our trikes and bikes are pre-assembled and then how everything comes together on the Airliner. This part of the tour also includes the packaging and wheel-building stations.

In our training workshop, things can get a bit nostalgic, as this is where you can still find some machines from time gone by. These are now used by our trainees for learning technical skills “from scratch”. We will also tell you about how the machines are still being used for building prototypes and small series.

At the end of the tour, all guests will have the opportunity to take test rides on our bikes and trikes – and do some shopping in our SCHALTWERK!


Start of tour 3:00 p. m.
Length of tourr approx. 2 hours
Adress Landabsatz 25, 45731 Waltrop

During the event, parents are responsible for their children.