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Welcome to Waltrop

It's a great place. The historical site of the former coal mine Zeche Hibernia in Waltrop, with red-brick industrial architecture surrounded by lots of green, is not only a popular place for outings, but also a great place to work. Our manufacturing facility for specialized bikes employs more than 100 people who have turned their passion into a profession. It's a place where craftsmanship meets engineering, expert knowledge meets lateral thinking, and idealism meets reality. After 25 years, we're large enough to have specialists for everything – but still small enough for everyone to know each other. Thank goodness!


Das Schaltwerk


A must-see at Waltrop’s historic industrial park: Our flagship store.



Dates and events

Come join the fun: Events from – and with – HASE BIKES or our dealers.



About us

Specialized bikes and trikes for joy on two or three wheels: what we do and why we do it.



Your career with HASE BIKES

The mobility revolution is upon us. Would you like to play an active role? Good reasons for joining our team.



Our History

From a tandem trike for a youth competition to tandems and trikes for the whole world.



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Everything you’ve always wanted to know: You can find the answers here.