Frequently asked questions

There are a number of questions about our bikes that we encounter frequently. In the topics below we have collected the right answers.


E-Mobility symbol

What motors does HASE BIKES offer? symbol

Shimano EP8 (option for the KETTWIESEL / LEPUS and PINO)
A very lightweight mid-motor (2.6 kg/5.7 lb) with magnesium housing and a high maximum torque (85 Nm). With heat-conducting materials and a larger molded-in surface area, it is well-protected against overheating.

Shimano Steps E6100 (for the KETTWIESEL / LEPUS and PINO)
A mid-motor that provides pedal assistance up to a speed of 25 km/h (15 mph). On our trikes, it can be coupled with a Differential for excellent hill-climbing performance.

Shimano Steps E5000 (only for the TRIGO)
The optimal motor for urban terrain or your daily commute. An extremely quiet mid-motor that provides pedal assistance up to a speed of 25 km/h (15 mph).

Heinzmann Direct Power (KETTWIESEL / LEPUS)
A front-hub motor with 250 W and a torque of 60 Nm. It is particularly well-suited for riders with very little strength in their legs.

Does HASE BIKES also offer S-Pedelecs? symbol

No. All of our models with an electric motor have a maximum pedal-assist speed of 25 km/h (15 mph) and are therefore legally classified as bicycles in most regions (depending on local laws).

Can I retrofit an electric motor to my HASE BIKE? symbol

For its TRIGO, HASE BIKES offers a Shimano Steps retrofit kit, which must be installed by an authorized dealer. The retrofitting of a motor, e.g. a dealer’s own motor system, to any other model would automatically invalidate the HASE BIKES warranty.

Models symbol

What models are available? symbol

HASE BIKES manufactures a range of specialized bikes and trikes. In addition to its PINO semi-recumbent tandem, there are various recumbent trikes for kids (TRIX, TRETS) and adults (KETTWIESEL, LEPUS, TRIGO).

What is the difference between the KETTWIESEL and the LEPUS? symbol

The KETTWIESEL is a recumbent trike with a lower seat position. The versions CROSS and EVO come with full suspension. All three wheels are 20”. Owing to the low center of gravity, a KETTWIESEL also offers very sporty handling. The LEPUS’s higher seat position and smaller, 16” front wheel make it a little easier to get into and out of the seat and gives the rider a good view of traffic. The seat is also 7 cm (2¾ inch) wider, offering additional comfort.

Why do HASE BIKES’ recumbent trikes have two wheels in back and one in front? symbol

HASE BIKES only builds so-called delta trikes because we’re convinced that it’s the best trike design. Deltas have two wheels in back, and one wheel in front that does the steering; the recumbent seat is positioned in the rear third of the trike between the front and rear axles. This design is associated with exceptional stability and good traction. More information on the advantages of our delta trikes can be found here.

What bikes and trikes from HASE BIKES can be used for tandem riding? symbol

Of course, our semi-recumbent tandem PINO. However, our delta trikes can also be connected using a Tandem Coupling.

Can I use my HASE BIKE to tow a bike trailer? symbol

Yes, you can. A so-called Weber coupling can be mounted to any of our models (except the TRETS). There are numerous bicycle-trailer manufacturers who use this hitch system for their trailers. Nevertheless, every trailer should be taken on a test ride with your HASE BIKE prior to purchase in order to ensure that its turning radius is suitable for the bike or trike: e.g. the trailer or hitch arm should not come in contact with the rear wheels of a trike when turning right or left. The PINO cannot be used with single-wheel trailers. A Weber coupling can be easily installed.

Ordering and Prices symbol

Where can I buy a HASE BIKE? symbol

Our bikes and trikes can only be purchased from authorized dealers. You can find a map of our dealers here.

How can I order replacement parts? symbol

Replacement parts and accessories can be ordered from HASE BIKES dealers or any bicycle shop.

Can I order parts, bikes, or trikes directly from HASE BIKES? symbol

No, we do not sell directly to consumers. Our products can only be ordered through an authorized HASE BIKES dealer.

Why doesn’t HASE BIKES sell directly to consumers? symbol

We are a manufacturer, not a retailer. By selling exclusively to selected dealers, we ensure that the end customers will always have an experienced and technically competent salesperson at their side. Most of our dealers attend our annual HASE BIKES Dealer Workshop. They know our bikes and trikes inside and out and are therefore ideal contact points for all existing and prospective customers.

Why do the prices of top-seller models differ from those of models with custom configurations? symbol

Our “top-sellers” are pre-configured HASE BIKES models that are produced on an on-going basis (i.e. not only made to order). In general, they have shorter lead times and are cheaper than custom models. Custom means made to order: customers have a free choice of features, equipment, color, gear system, etc. This additional service is associated with higher prices. In addition, made-to-order bikes and trikes have longer lead times than the top-seller versions.

Service and Repairs symbol

Where can I have my HASE BIKE repaired? symbol

Maintenance and repair work is carried out primarily by our authorized dealers. If you have a warranty-related issue or complaint, please contact your HASE BIKES dealer for assistance.

How can I find replacement parts for older HASE BIKES models? symbol

We strive to provide replacement parts for as long as possible and are still able to offer various original or alternative spare parts for most old KETTWIESEL / LEPUS and PINO models. In some cases, the lead times for special parts like these may be slightly longer.

My child is too tall for the TRETS. What trike can they use? symbol

If your dealer has already made all possible adjustments in order to adapt the TRETS to your child (frame/front boom lengthened, seat position adjusted, chain lengthened), the next larger trike is the TRIX. The TRIX is suitable for riders between 1.20 m and 1.65 m (3’11” - 5’5”) in height (with standard top-seller quick-adjust frame) and is expandable to fit riders up to two meters (6’7”) in height.

My child has outgrown our TRIX – the frame cannot be made any longer. Do they need a new trike? symbol

In this case, the frame-quick-adjust assembly is most likely too small and the chain is too short. You can have it replaced with the next larger frame-quick-adjust assembly and have the chain lengthened. This is how the TRIX can be adapted for taller riders of up to two meters (6’7”) in height.