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HASE BIKES’ SCHALTWERK in Waltrop is an inspirational place for anyone who loves cycling as much as we do. Stop by and learn more about our bikes and trikes while soaking up the magical ambiance of the historic, listed colliery building!





Appointments for consultations and test rides

To ensure that one of our knowledgeable consultants will be available for your visit, we ask that you make an appointment here! We offer this service in German language only.




Tuesday — Saturday,
10:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

Hiberniastraße 2, 45731 Waltrop, Germany



All HASE BIKES models in one place – something you can only find at the SCHALTWERK showroom. For “just looking,” test-riding, or ordering. Also on site: all of our adaptive and recreational accessories.



Take a 3D tour of our SCHALTWERK


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Workshop dates

Easily schedule bike workshop and service appointments for your HASE BIKE.



Our little shop

Here, you can find gifts for cycling enthusiasts, HASE fans, and anyone who shares our passion for fine design. We sell our favorite items from popular brands like maloja, Bloomingville, and Vaude, as well as various products from the region – such as:



“Coal Mine” Honey

“Glück auf, your majesty! Wherever are you going?” “To my hive, Mr. Foreman!”  Where coal was once mined underground, pollen is now being collected above ground. Mats Dreischhoff’s diligent bees buzz past our windows on hot summer days and produce honey that tastes like home.



HASE BIKES Collection

T-shirts, mugs, this and that. Some with logo, some with claim, some with text, some with image. In short: Fan items, aka “merch,” for anyone who wants to show off their love of HASE BIKES.



Chocolate without remorse

No, it’s not low-calorie. Sorry. But low-emission, in a sense. In other words: it’s made from cocoa beans that are shipped to Amsterdam from the Dominican Republic by sailboat. And to ensure that the final leg of the journey is just as clean, we transport the bars from the Netherlands by bike.



Postcards by Zoe

Zoe draws. She always has. And she’s been drawing for us for a while now. We like her style and the brilliant creativity she pours into our projects. The postcard set from the young Waltrop-based illustrator can only be found at our SCHALTWERK.



HASE Strap

Legendary and essential – the HASE Strap is always helpful when you need a belt or bungee. For example, it can be used for towing things, attaching things, tying things down, or holding things up … like your trousers.