Who we are

An integral part of HASE BIKES’ ethos is its belief that cycling makes people happy, and that it should be possible for anyone and everyone – regardless of their physical or mental abilities – to experience this happiness.



It was this conviction that motivated Marec Hase to found the company in 1994 in a courtyard garage in Bochum. He started with one employee, two models and a boundless enthusiasm for bikes. Since then HASE BIKES has grown into a manufacturer with more than 100 employees and has moved its operations to the historical grounds of the former coalmine Zeche Waltrop. Today, the company is still guided by its founding spirit and a strong passion for good design. Its growing network of dealers now extends across all five continents.

HASE BIKES is a place where craftsmanship meets precision technology, expert knowledge meets lateral thinking and idealism meets reality. Both the lathe and the 3D printer are used for producing prototypes of models and developing special components for adaptive accessories.



The only two-wheeler in the company’s portfolio is a special semi-recumbent tandem that, depending on its features and equipment, can serve as a beloved bike for globetrotters, a versatile fleet of vehicles for city dwellers or a source of fun “to the power of two” for families. Otherwise, HASE BIKES’ heart belongs to delta trikes, which offer incomparable riding enjoyment, together with a high level of safety. The trikes in the HASE BIKES’ portfolio range from sporty standard models and comfortable e-trikes to highly addictive offroaders and cool adaptive trikes for kids.



How to find us?

Please note: Our products can only be purchased through retail bicycle shops. For consultation (especially concerning custom fitting), please contact one of our dealerships! We recommend visiting a HASE BIKES specialist dealer.