Beautiful days in Clisson

Thanks, Igor! Thank you for the invitation to the world’s first Locapinades. The weekend with your customers was absolutely magical, and we really enjoyed being part of the event. It was an experience that we’d like to share with others by writing about it in our catalog. About the bike tours with 20 PINOs that put smiles on everyone’s faces. About the 47 individualists who, for four days, felt like one big family. And of course about the amazing feeling of being in France, where the name Hase sounds like it starts with an A, and the name of our tandem sounds like a fine wine.




This guy has ideas. And runs with them. In his mid-40s, Igor got the idea of putting aside his successful career as a scientist to have more time for his family and himself – and to do something that would make people happy. What sounded like the start of a midlife crisis became the birth of “Locapino,” a VIP rental service for PINOs. Igor not only provides the tandems, but also offers a delivery and pick-up service, rents equipment, plans tours, and offers support and advice 24/7.

“Locapino” is a success. And Igor is in awe of the clients he meets. For example, there’s Anne and François, who want to ride from Clisson to Budapest with their kids. A total of 2,174 miles (3,500 km), 3 months of riding, 2 PINOs for the par­ents and young twin boys, and a bike for their 9-year-old daughter. A great way to grow closer as a family. He was also impressed by Joan, who has an autistic son. Thanks to the PINO, she was able to get Elias excited about cycling. He’s making great progress, and both of them enjoy their rides together.


Family reunion? Locapinades!

When meeting clients, Igor kept thinking that family X should meet family Y, that couple A would have a lot in common with couple B, or that X and Y would be a perfect match. Slowly a new idea began to take form: the “Locapinades” – a get-together in Clisson for his PINO riders. The concept worked: It was a wonderful weekend that felt like a big family reunion. Joint cycling tours were planned for every day of the event. After all, the PINOs were the mainstay of the gathering. And Igor sees them as an absolute happiness guarantee.



"La machine du bonheur"

Igor’s “happiness machines” took us to a winery near Nantes, to the medieval games at Tiffauges, and to a magnificent nature re­serve with places to rest in the shade. Two typically French things that were also in abundance at the “Locapinades”: lively conversations and great food!

At the market in Clisson, we could hardly take our eyes off the regional products. We bought fruit, vegetables, and oysters for a picnic, where we spent hours talking about every­thing under the sun – and of course about the PINOs, which had brought us all together. Thanks again, Igor. We're all looking forward to your next idea!


HASE BIKES picture

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