Tandem Accessories

From tandem to fleet of vehicles

How heavy is your load? Regardless of whether you need a place to carry your phone and keys, a bag for transporting small or large quantities of groceries, or an entire luggage-transport system for your world tour, you can find it here. Along with a few extras.


Rain protection symbol

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Rain Cover

Keeps moisture out and looks great. The Rain Cover for our recumbent seats is now even compatible with the XXL and TRIGO seat.


Transport symbol

Porter Bag

Even the base stats are impressive: rainproof, dustproof, and an 80-liter capacity, which, thanks to an extra zipper in the cover, can be expanded to 120 liters. The entire bag weighs a mere 3.5 pounds (1,600 g) but can hold as much as 88 pounds (40 kg).


Porter Rack

The foldable rack under the seat no longer comes with an integrated double kickstand – because otherwise, it would have to be removed every time the PINO frame is shortened for transport. Even without a kickstand, the Porter Rack is perfect for carrying heavy and bulky cargo – e.g. there is plenty of space for two beverage crates.


Rack Bag

We haven’t made any changes to the Rack Bag, because it was already compatible with the new Porter Rack. It can even handle a certain amount of frame-shortening and only has to be removed when the PINO is reduced to its minimum length for transport.


Seatback Bag for PINO and trikes

The “glove compartment” for the captain: This weatherproof bag with a volume of over 5 liters is attached to the back of the recumbent seat. Thanks to the Fidlock fasteners, it is easy to remove, and thanks to the carrying strap, you can simply take the whole bag with you.


Seat Bags, right and left

The Seat Bags are attached below the seat on both sides. A perfect place for keeping your papers, keys, and phone safe from the elements and easily reachable while on the road.



The only difference between the new Lowrider Rack and its predecessor is the shape. Thanks to its new design, the rack doesn’t have to be removed when the PINO is shortened for transport. Otherwise, nothing has changed: The Lowrider Rack is still mounted under the recumbent seat and makes it possible to carry one small and one large pannier on each side.


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PINO Weber-Dock

Weber hitches are wonderful things – they can turn your bicycle into a towing machine for any kind of trailer – be it for children, dogs, or cargo. To make the new PINO compatible, we designed a special “Weber plate” where the hitch can be securely mounted.


Handlebar symbol


Double grips

There are some routes that call for relaxed riding. With the separate handlebar grips, the person at the “helm“ can alter their position as desired – without having to adjust the handlebars.



Rearview mirror

More perspective, more safety. The Rear-View Mirror is easy to adjust to many different positions, zero vibration.


Saddle / Seat symbol

Vario Comfort Seat

Sporty looks, fantastic grip: The new seat cover catapults our recumbent seats into a new era. Its vario concept makes it possible to adapt the seat contours to the shoulders, back and pelvis of the individual rider. The well-padded cover is available as an accessory. It fits to the recumbent seat frames of all* our trikes and PINOs and is easily attached with Velcro straps.
*Except the TRETS Seat


Wedge Cushions for the Vario Comfort Seat

Adaptive plus: Our new Wedge Cushions can be used in combination with the Vario Comfort Seat Cover for an optimal ergonomic seat adjustment. The cushions can be used at six different positions on the seat cover – it’s even possible to double them up!



Seat Position Adapter Kid and Cargo

The adapter is needed if you want to use the Porter Rack while riding with a child in the front seat – this situation is quite common for PINO families because of all the things parents need to take with them for their kids … With the adapter, the recumbent seat can be pushed 6 in. (15 cm) forward, which is enough for ensuring compatibility with the rack. The adapter is easy to mount. No tools required!


Kickstand symbol

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HASE BIKES Double Kickstand

Our Double Kickstand is forged and can hold up to 220 lb (100 kg). However, it’s also the rock-solid stability that sets it apart from the others. With a total width of 28 in. (70 cm) and infinitely adjustable height, the kickstand provides out­standing support for the parked PINO. It can be easily folded up and down with a rider in the front seat.