• Exceptional safety and stability

  • Ideal for children with neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, or with restricted movement, e.g. associated with spasticity, paraplegia, or dysmelia
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Hot wheels for special kids: TRETS,
the adaptive fun-mobile

Kids love the TRETS from Hase Bikes. Because, as a delta trike, the TRETS combines a high level of safety with a whole lot of fun.

Stability for fearless cornering: the recumbent trikeTRETS: discovering speed. Children who are hardly able to walk unassisted can experience the wind in their hair and the spine-tingling sensation of acceleration. Fun, pride, and confidence through cycling – the TRETS makes it possible. Outstanding brakes, a 5-point safety harness, and a level of stability that leaves other therapeutic trikes in the dust.

The TRETS is a delta trike with a low center of gravity, which means riders can get into the seat with no scary wobbling. The pedals with toe clips and elastic heel straps guarantee good positioning, provide support, and prevent slipping. And once the rider’s all strapped in, they’re off like lightening!

Don’t compromise. Customize! The TRETS can also be customized with a wide range of special accessories. For example, there are even Pendulum Pedals for children with severely limited mobility. Another ingenious option: the Crank Shortener is perfect for legs of different lengths or for when the knees cannot be fully extended.

Don’t split up. Hitch up!If mom and dad start to feel lonely or unimportant, it may be time for the “I’m too tired” act. Then it’s “front wheel off – drawbar on,” and presto: the TRETS is a trailer. While the rider up front is getting extra exercise, the trailer passenger can relax, smile at passersby, and occasionally help with the pedaling. Or even do a little mischievous braking now and then …

Another indispensable extra: the Guide Bar, which is attached behind the seat. It allows parents to give a helpful push or do some corrective steering on walks.

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