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pfeil German-English (PDF, 68 KB) pfeil Recall KETTWIESEL and LEPUS, March 2015

Company Logos

pfeil HASE BIKES Logo 4c (EPS, 132 KB) pfeil HASE BIKES Logo 4c (White Letters, EPS, 132 KB) pfeil HASE BIKES LOGO (Illustrator format, 8 KB) pfeil HASE BIKES LOGO (White Letters, Illustrator format, 8 KB) pfeil HASE BIKES Logo RGB (GIF, width 1900px, 21 KB) pfeil HASE BIKES Logo (JPG, width 1900px,118 KB)

Press images

pfeil KETTWIESEL KROSS_action pfeil KETTWIESEL KROSS_studio pfeil KETTWIESEL EVO_action pfeil KETTWIESEL EVO_studio pfeil KETTWIESEL ALLROUND_action pfeil KETTWIESEL ALLROUND_studio pfeil PINO ALLROUND_action pfeil PINO ALLROUND_studio pfeil PINO STEPS_action pfeil PINO STEPS_studio pfeil LEPUS_action pfeil LEPUS_studio pfeil TRETS REH_action pfeil TRETS REH_studio pfeil TRIX_action pfeil TRIX_studio pfeil HANDBIKE_action pfeil HANDBIKE_studio

Instruction Manuals

Kettwiesel / Lepus manual 2016

pfeil Kettwiesel / Lepus Manual, Version, 11/2016


pfeil KETTWIESEL Manual 06.2015 pdf pfeil KETTWIESEL Handbike Manual, Version from 04/2015 (PDF)


pfeil LEPUS Manual, Version from 02/2015 (PDF)


pfeil PINO Manual, Version from 06/2015 (PDF)


pfeil TRETS Manual, Version from 2.2017(PDF) pfeil Trets Reh Manual, Version 02/2015 (PDF)


pfeil TRIX Manual, Version from 01.2017 (PDF 3,4MB)


pfeil Pino AL Hase stand and lowrider(ver. 2015) pfeil Pino steel stand and lowrider (vers. 2015) pfeil Bracktet for Pino stand and lowrider (ver. 2015) pfeil Pino Weber coupling, Version 02(2015 (PDF) pfeil Pino Children Crankset, Version 09/2014 (PDF) pfeil Protanium Engine Manual, Version from 3/2012 pfeil Foldable Fairing for KETTWIESEL, KLIMAX, PINO, LEPUS and TRIX Manual, Version from 1/2012 (PDF 1,3MB) pfeil Foldable Fairing for TRETS Manual, Version from 5/2011 (PDF 820KB) pfeil Assembly Light Kit for KETTWIESEL Manual (PDF 195KB) pfeil Differential for KETTWIESEL Manual (PDF 178KB) pfeil Seat Cover for PINO, TAGUN, KETTWIESEL and LEPUS Manual (PDF 500KB) pfeil Gear Kit for KETTWIESEL Manual (PDF 280KB) pfeil Universal Coupling for KETTWIESEL Manual, Version from 10/2010 (PDF 400KB) pfeil Pino Double Grips Manual (PDF 70KB) pfeil Ortlieb 42 L Trike Bag, 2015 (PDF) pfeil Blinking lights, Version 05/2015 (PDF)

Special Needs

pfeil Special Needs Overview, Version from 7/2012 (PDF 760KB) pfeil Special Pedals Manual (PDF 156KB) pfeil Special Pedals with Calf Support Manual (PDF 174KB) pfeil Crank Shortener Manual (PDF 184KB) pfeil Pedal Pendulum Manual, Version from 1/2009 (PDF 140KB) pfeil Seat Belts Manual (PDF 135KB) pfeil Seat Extension (PDF) pfeil Fixed gear (Kettwiesel/Trets Trike), Version 07/2014 (PDF) pfeil Retrofit Trets gear hub to fixed gear pfeil one side leg rest, version 05/2015 (PDF) pfeil Trailer , Version 05/2015 (PDF) pfeil Holder for Walking Sticks Manual, Version from 1/2009 (PDF 150KB) pfeil Seat Extension Manual (PDF 110KB)

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