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  • John Skelton -

    Hey Luc
    i had a left side stroke in October 2014, i bought a kettweisel in June 2015 so i could get around my city (york, UK) I can ride 40km from my house but i struggle to get up hills. i have just ordered a heinzmann electric motor to be fitted in the next two weeks. I will post the results of how well it works!

  • Markus Ebner (Lepus) -

    Hello Luc! Thank for your info., perhaps could does you the treating Ärzt inquires or donation internal message for you?
    Where do you live? No, now I recommend it to you Lepus Trike, because chaining weasel sits you still more deeply than Lepus!
    Thus even since my birth I am it physical handicap and hearing and languagedamaged.

    I require blessed time to you, because which IT will accompany you and also with peaceful joy!

    Many greetings
    Markus Ebner
    from Germany

  • Lukathi -

    Dear Hase community?I'd like to introduce myselve,My name is Luc I've envountered a stroke in december 2014 and am paralysed ( left side) since then, and considering a Hase trike, Istille have a few questions and hope to find some answers over here