tires for klimax 2k

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    • tires for klimax 2k

      Hi there,

      i would like to change tires for my gf's Klimax 2k. She hopes to bike with less effort after changing to thinner size.

      Bike is now equipped with the standard big apple tires. Can i change to more thin without changing weels.

      Any suggestions or experience...?

    • The rims on the Kettwiesel are quite wide, so I wouldn't recommend too thin tires without changing the rims. But the Big Apples are known for having a big rolling resistance. I would recommend the Schwalbe Tryker. That one is not too small, but should roll well. And it specially designed for Trikes!

      The first special tire for tricycle recumbents. Tire construction and profile contours are co-ordinated with the special requirements of a multi-track vehicle in mind. Tricycle recumbents exert completely different loads on tires than conventional bicycles. Nevertheless the tires must be light and fast, because drive is still achieved through muscle power and should therefore be as effective as possible. Massive motor vehicle tires are out of the question. The Tryker takes on the challenge of minimal rolling friction and high durability for the recumbent tricyclist. It has ECE-R75 certification for faster E-Bikes.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential