Transporting two Kettwiesels

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    • Transporting two Kettwiesels

      I'm brand new to the recumbent world, but have been researching the purchase of a recumbent tandem trike so that I can ride with son, who just turned 5-years old and who has mild cerebral palsy. My take so far, is that the Kettwiesel is the best choice. My son's gross motor skills are improving and he is actually pretty strong, but he still has, and will likely always have some balance issues. He's 46 inches tall, which is quite tall for his age.

      I know that the Pino has been a popular bike in some of these situations, but I'd also like for him to be able to, ultimately, ride independently (uncoupled) at the right locations. Any hints by people who have been down this road before or who know someone who may have suggestions would be appreciated.

      I am also concerned about breaking the bike down for transport in a trailer or in the back of an SUV. I'm trying to find out just how difficult it is to pack it fairly small after a ride, or how just small it can all be broken down. Maybe I should just plan on hauling the bikes in trailer...

      Thanks in advance