Maintenance of Differential - split rubber casing

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    • Maintenance of Differential - split rubber casing

      Hi, does anyone know whether there is a maintenance regime for the diff e.g. does it need re-lubricating periodically and how is this done if so?

      I was doing some maintenance on my Lepus hand cycle and noticed a lot of grease on the 'rubber' flexible protector on the diff assembly. On closer examination it has split. What would he consequences be?

      Certainly the wheels at the rear do not turn well and seem 'stiff' - especially when compared to my wife's Kett (with diff also)

      I need some guidance as the guys at our local bike shop, although very good, don't get this sort of thing in often!
    • Hi

      Yes, it does need maintenance. There are quite a few discussions about that in german here. In general it's quite easy. There are 4 bolts on the Diff which you need to open. Than you can take it apart. Be carefull that the internals stay in place. Clean it and add a lot of new sticky grease. Also put some of that greae on the joint under the rubber seal. If it's damaged a lot you shuld replace it. If it's not much you might be able to fix it with a zip tie.
      I can't say how often you shuld do this because it depends a lot on whether you ride you Lepus in bad weather conditions like rain or snow a lot or on how dusty it is in you area.
      Putting it back together is a bit tricky because you can't see the holes the long bolts have to fit into. But after a few tries you should get it back together.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential