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    • We have test rode a Pino and being tandem riders we immediately thought "this is the one". We are considering buying it for lond distance cyclo touring. When fully laden we will be self sufficient with camping cooking spairs etc. We have experince with tandem touring using a full suspension tandem but had issues with the frame and swing arm. Eventually the aluminium frame snapped. How reliable is the Pino for long distance touring with self sufficient loading. We weigh approx 150kg and generally take about 30kg loading. Are Hase considering manufacturing in steel instead of aluminium?

      Also can you advise on the panniers - are these special types for the low level frames.
      Can anyone advise on what upgrades would be necessary to have relatively hassle free touring for up to 6 months.

      This couple cycled across America on their Pino, and recorded the journey - you might find it interesting.

      I think the Pino is rated for 250 kg, so you'd be well within that.

      My wife and I haven't covered many miles, however we've used a rear carrier with two Ortlieb rear roller panniers (2x20 l) and a medium rack pack (31 l).

      Ortlieb do a recumbent bag set (2x27 l), and this might fit on the Pino's optional lowrider rack. This is meant to take up to 4 panniers, I think front panniers , but some have reported using rear panniers successfully. I'd probably look at using a pair of recumbent bags instead as they are the same height as front panniers (hence not dangling too low) and wide to fit the available space.

      Hope this helps,

    • We weigh 180+ kgs before we load our luggage. The rear rack takes 2 Carradice panniers plus tent on the top and the front low riders 2 Ortliebs. Handles all loads really well. The front wheel has been replaced by a very heavy duty 48 spoke jobbie after spoke breakages and tyre overheat punctures on long downhills. 8|

      Must confess our Pino is an older steel model with Magura rim brakes instead of the new discs but we love it. :love:

      Have fun

    • Pino Tour for sale, London


      If you haven't bought your Pino yet, I have a white Pino Tour for sale with all the trimmings (three Ortlieb panniers for back, two Ortlieb lowrider panniers for front, saddle bag, camel pack behind front seat), as well as kiddie pedals. All stuff is (almost) brand new and has been used only a few times: the bike itself was bought in October 2010 and has been in dry storage since June 2011.
      Please let me know if you are interested in having a look or trying it out - I live in central London.

      Ulrich Lehmann