Transport bags for Pino Foldable

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    • A Possibility

      I am planning on doing a dry run shortly with this:

      I think I can get most of the stuff into the case and then possibly place some of the smaller items in luggage. There is a possibility that two (2) cases will be required.

      I can vouch for the pika pack as a good soft case. With my regular road bike, my case has been to California twice, Belgium, Canary Islands and Australia. Every trip has been without incident. Wife and I are hoping to take the Pino from our home in New York to Spain in October.
    • Other Ideas

      Larry from Mt. Airy Bicycles in Maryland (where I got my Pino) has traveled throughout Europe with his Pino. He is able to pack the entire bike in two (2) standard size suitcases and then uses a box just for the stoker's seat frame.

      According to Hase, the Pino will fit with all accessories removed (luggage rack, fenders, and lights) into this:…1_-1_1606008_20000_400174

      Want to avoid using two (2) bike cases. If you've never traveled with a bike, be very cognizant of baggage fees for bikes. Almost all charge at this point and prices vary widely from airline to airline. I have never been charged a bike fee for the Pika pack, which is technically oversized but because it is a light case (a hard case alone will weigh almost 30 lbs vs. 10 lbs for the Pika pack) and not that heavy, airlines do not always realize it's an extra charge. The Pino is heavy so even using the soft case, may still be a charge.

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