Trailer Bar with tadpole trike

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    • Trailer Bar with tadpole trike

      Has the Trailer Bar accessory been tested in use with a tadpole trike? I own three models of tadpoles and have been looking for a way to create a temporary tandem for special occasions. Since I've also been looking at the KLIMAX there may be a chance to "kill two birds with one stone" by purchasing a KLIMAX and the adapter to connect it to my other trikes.
    • If the tadpole Trike has a 26" real wheel it sould work. The rear of the tadpole is then just like a normal up. But you should keep in mind, that the Kettwiesel will not run directly behind the fron trike (or up) but a little on the side.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential