Kettwiesel Manual

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    • No, I didn't. Basically, my KettWiesel is an ex-demo model from a dealer who's not expecting to sell any more and was keen to get rid of it: I got a very good deal, but the upshot is a few bits, like the manual are missing. (I think KettWeisels also come with a flag, which I didn't get, either, but I have loads of flags anyway — excuse the pictures below, both on account of That Competitor from Kriftel and the misguided support for an under-performing football team...)
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      I think this policy of withholding the full manual for download is counter-productive. The fact is dealers in recumbent cycles are few and far between. I've never been to the dealer from whom I bought my KettWiesel: our only interactions were by phone and e-mail. I don't expect the trike ever to go back to that dealer again; if it goes to any bike dealer, it'll be the one just up the road from me, not the Hase dealer half way up the country. The local bike shop is not a Hase dealer; about eighteen months ago, after Hase had declined to sell parts to me directly, my local bike shop tried to get them for me, but also failed. This is an unhelpful policy as well. The fact is, when it comes to recumbent bikes (trikes) the user is the one responsible for maintenance of the bike, getting whatever assistance is available from the local non-Hase dealer. Hase simply doesn't have a comprehensive dealer network (at least not in the UK) for it to be otherwise and needs to be realistic about that fact. Let's have that manual!