Freewheel for stoker?

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    • Apologies for posting in English. It is better that I post in English rather than butcher Deutsch.

      The Pino web site says that the stoker has a freewheel crank so that he can stop pedaling while the captain continues to pedal. My local Hase dealer told me that was not the case, that both cranks would have to turn simultaneously.

      Does anyone know which is true?
    • To make it a little clearer, the Stokers freewheel is fitted to the leftside of the Captains chainset,
      and it freewheels in reverse, so that the stoker can choose to pedal or not.
      IF the Captain pedals backwards, then the stokers pedals will also go backwards.

      There is also a device that can be fitted to the Captains leftside chainset that effectively blocks the freewheel,
      and forces the stoker to pedal. It can be fitted or removed in seconds, but does involve getting off the bike and using an allen key.

      Oliver from London Recumbents
    • And to make it even more clearer: Your dealer is not totally wrong, maybe just a little bit out of time. The freewheel became standard with the new Pino about 3-4 years ago. Before the freewheel was optional some time and before that (let's say in the nineties) there was no freewheel for the stoker on the Pino.

      Best regards
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