Recumbent trike or bike

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    • Recumbent trike or bike

      Hello, my question is very simple: what is the essential difference between riding a recumbent trike or bike? I guess the trike is more comfortable because you don't have to put your feet down but is not too large if you want to go between cars? And is it not slower (or heavier) than a recumbent bike? Thanks Em.
    • Most folk's experience will prove the recumbent bike to have some speed advantage riding uphill to a point (mostly due to weight advantage)...that's when the forward motion is so unsteady that it's almost impossible to stay upright. The trike, well, with three points of contact you can come to a complete stop and not fall over so you can keep pedaling on the trike when you'd be "walking" the bike. There might be a bit more stability on very hard cornering for a trike too...I've had the front end skid a little w/o washing out on a trike. On a recumbent bike, the front tire completely broke loose (washout=fall).

      Try both, the one you will be faster with is the one you are more comfortable/confident riding.