Kettwiesel seat failure

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    • My seat frame failed on my Kett Tour in a similar way, although maybe a little slower (it felt funny for a couple of miles before I got off to check it, and even then it was not completely broke through). I bought it in 2008, although it was ex-demo so may have been abused before I got it !!

      I emailed a photo to the shop I bought it from ( and the seat frame was replaced no-questions-asked, even though it was probably out of guarantee. The shop would have fitted it, but it is some way away, and so I fitted it myself after the parts where sent to my home address (dead easy).
      Been great since (10 months of daily commuting and longer rides).

      As a side issue I was happy that I was riding a trike: I just dropped down onto main frame: imagine what could happen on a "normal" bike if a similar tube holding the seat or bars broke :(
      (Many years ago my (racing) cousin broke a (Campag) pedal spindle: the first he knew about it was when he came round after a passing motorist stopped to see if he was OK!)