Fitting a Garmin GPS to a KettWiesel

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    • Fitting a Garmin GPS to a KettWiesel

      I recently fitted a Garmin 800 to my KettWiesel and thought it might be of interest. It is mounted on a tube which is hinged at the base and when riding, sits between my thighs. This means that I can both read it easily and change the screen without effort. When dismounting, remove the Garmin and push the tube forward to lay flat along the chassis. (A secondary advantage is that it is impossible to get off the trike without remembering to remove the Garmin).

      The "hinge" at the bottom is from the fitting for a fairing and very conveniently tightens as the tube is pulled into the upright position. The angle of the Garmin is around 45 degrees but this has not stopped it picking up satellites - although trees and cloud cover can make it slow at the start of a trip. The top of the tube has a copper plumbing T piece riveted on to allow the rubber bands to be fitted for the base of the Garmin.

      The cadence pickup is fitted to the end of the chain guard tube - see picture 3. The speed pickup is not used as I already have a computer fitted - and the Garmin also has a speed readout.

      No marks for finish - still needs a decent paint job, but it does work!
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