Differential noise

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    • Differential noise

      When freewheeling, my Kettweisel sometimes makes a clicking noise - which can sometimes also occur when pedaling. I believe it comes from the left hand side of the differential as it is possible to move the shaft slightly within the differential - see the attached picture.

      Is this normal? Can it be adjusted?

      • Hase-diff.jpg

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    • Thanks

      I have applied a little more grease which has made it a little quieter. I am fairly sure the noise comes from the part shown in the photo, as I was able to replicate the noise by moving the shaft by hand.

      Also, when the trike is jacked up on the left side, there is some movement in the wheel when pulling it side to side (unlike the right hand wheel where there is no movement). This results in movement at the differential and the same noise that occurs when riding.

      The trike is 7 months old.

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