Recommended tires for Pino Tour

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    • Recommended tires for Pino Tour

      We have a new Pino that we are tweaking; it came with wide tires and lots of tread as if for off-road. We are going narrower and to less tread as we ride on hard surfaces mostly. Any suggestions are welcome, we have a 26" rear wheel and 20" front.

      Thanks and smooth riding!
    • For us the front was the problem on our older Pino. We have the Magura rim brakes and have had some serious problems with punchures and a blow out caused by overheating of the original Conti tyres when running well loaded on long downhills. We have fitted a heavy section rim, 48 spoke BMX front wheel now with a Maxxis Ringworm tyre. Not the most free running tyre I know but we have had worse (Chen sin?). It is now much more reliable when loaded.

      I'll give more details of tyres used when I check out the garage