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      Could someone with the newest version of KW trike please advise on just what comes off with the rear wheels when the "just remove one screw" part is done? My curiousity is about how the brake pads stay in place in the calipers once the rotors are removed as part of each rear wheel? Thoughts are about rear caliper pistons floating out with hydraulic brake systems and/or do the pads simply drop away with the Avid 7 cable-operated brakes. Trying to imagine the art of R & R for the rear trike wheels. Thanks for all replies, - Terry
    • what is R&R?
      I don't have the latest version of the KW, but the thing with the brakepads is the same as on every other bike when you take out the wheel.
      Whith the mechanical BB7 it's no problem, with a hydraulic system you must not pull the brakes, because otherwise the calipers are stuck together. You should use a "Transportsicherung" like that: bike-mailorder.de/shop/product…age=de&products_id=23716I guess/hope Hase provides them whern you buy a KW with the Avid Elixier brake.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential
    • Thanks for your reply,
      The link you posted shows what I had in mind, something to keep the brake caliper pistons from being pushed out when the rotors were removed with the wheels. Oh, R & R was my shorthand for "Remove and Replace" to describe the situation when the rear wheels were so "easily" taken off for transport/storage as part of the new "Quickstick" design. I can see that mechanical/cable operated disc brakes might not be a problem, just the Magura hydraulic versions.