Hase Trets as a fixed gear?

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    • There are a few Hase Trets bikes to be ridden by handicapped kids. Depending on the kind of motional problem they have, they may or may not be able to ride the bike by themselves. For the kids who are able to pedal normally but having problems with e.g. balance Trets is a very good bike.

      However, for the kids who have difficulties in pedaling due to e.g. hemiplegia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemiplegia) it would be very good therapy to have symmetrical exercise like the one you get when cycling. For this it would be ideal if the Trets could be converted to a fixed-gear version when needed. Having 1-speed fixed gear is very common in special bikes like the ones manufactured by Haverich (http://www.haverich.com/).

      The question now is that how Trets could be easily converted between fixed gear and normal version? Could it be done by somehow changing the right back wheel axle or...? The issue with the normal rear derailleur is the free wheel that doesn't force pedaling. Of course it would be very nice if there was a switch to change between free wheel and fixed gear?

      Do you have any experience in this that could help to solve this challenge to the few Hase Trets in question?


    • Hi

      I don't know exactly how the Freewheel of the Trets works, but usualy it should be possible to disassemble it and replace the springs unter the pawls inside of it with something solid.
      With this solution you may even keep the Trets' derailleur if you want to or just change it to singlespeed for a common conversion-kit.
      But of course this is a permanent conversion (or at least every change takes some time).
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