Pino in USA

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    • Hi folks,
      a buddy of mine in Boulder / CO wants to see and test the Pino before he wants to buy one.
      Is there anybody here in this forum who knows anything about a dealer around Denver/CO
      or Midwest of USA, or an owner who bought a Pino ?
      Please tell me asap,
      thank you, Radfux.
    • Hi Radfux,
      look on the Homepage
      I don´t know how far away from Boulder the traders are. But there must be enough traders in the USA.
      Try this link from doppeluli … 81&z=5
      Perhaps you see Pinos of privat Persons in USA

      Bent Up Cycles
      T-Ryx Recumbent Trikes
      Pbw, Peregrine bicycle works
      Spring Creek Recumbent Bicycles
      Brown Cycles LLC
      Hampton's Edge Trailside Bicycles
      Jerome :P