Bottom bracket

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    • Hello,
      Since my english writing is a lot faster than my German writing, I ask this question in english. Let me know if i have to use German instead.
      We are the proudd owners of a red steel Pino.
      One of the things that is bothering me, is the bottom bracket. It is not completely playfree; there is some left-right play. The bearings can slide in the plastic cups.
      No problem, I thought. Let's just replace the thing with a nice PhilWood bracket.
      But I cannot figure out how to separate the freewheel (on the left) from the spindle. I don't think it is a complete assembly, but it certainly behaves like one.
      Anybody tips on how to replace the bottom bracket?

    • Hello Mathijs,

      if you bought your Pino before 2009, it is not possible to use an other bb. Please have a look at this manual:

      To mount an other bb, please use the freewheel crankarm fitted with the Pino 2009.
      For more informations please contact your Hase dealer.

      Best regards
      Stephan Moldenhauer
      Hase Bikes