Newcomer to the Hase KW and this group

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    • Newcomer to the Hase KW and this group

      Good morning, I'm a newcomer to the Hase Kettwiesel and acquired an elderly, but well cared for example 4 months ago in Berlin as a replacement for my Van Raam Easyrider. I am riding three wheelers simply because my sense of balance is not good and after coming off two-wheeled bikes several times, I finally got the message.

      In order to help you determine its age. I has disk brakes, but I suspect it was one of the first of that generation. I have enclosed some pics.

      I've already discovered its joys and limitations, pretty useless uphill, especially over loose ground.

      I also had an accident, fortunately was shaken but not injured. I was making my way fairly quickly down a bike path when my right foot slipped off the pedal. My foot went under the bike. I went over the top of the bike. Somehow, I ended up on my back with the Hase on top of me! Not good!

      The seat, I've found difficult to make comfortable, it seems impossible to tighten the webbing sufficiently so that my spine does not come into contact with the seat horizontal cross-members. As a solution, I've cut up an old exercise mat and inserted some pieces of this into the seat. This gives my back some protection.

      The fabric of the seat is becoming tattered. Will I really have to pay so much for a replacement, or is there a suitable alternative?…c0e984107f9b41f0e016314a8New
    • Hi and welcome,

      The pictures don't work, but your Kettwiesel is probably from before 2006, so this manual should fit:
      For going uphill on loose ground probably only a newer Kettwiesel with a differential would do. But maybe lowering the pressure of your tyres would help. (Of course that increases the friction on a normal street)
      For your seat I think you already did the right thing. Other options: Here you can get the raw material to make your own seat cover: an/or check for Ventisit.
      About your accident: You should really consider using clipless pedals. Especially on recumbent bikes/trikes they are a lot saver and a lot more comfortable than usual pedals.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential
    • Effectivement les pieds peuvent glisser sur les pédales. En mettant des pédales automatiques, vous évitez ce problème et augmentez votre sécurité. Il existe des pédales type Shimano SPD, souvent utilisées en VTT, qui permettent la marche car la cale est intégrée dans la semelle de la chaussure. J'ai utilisé ce modèle par le passé, mieux adapté à la route mais toujours avec le système SPD. Son prix avoisine les 60 €. Les modèles de chaussures SPD sont nombreux. Un exemple ICI
      [Blocked Image:]