Front wheel lifting

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    • Front wheel lifting

      on very steep hills (± 20% or more), the fact that the center of gravity on a Kettwiesel is so far in the back, makes that the front wheel is lifted off the ground into the air (and I have already experienced the case where a certain section of the road was that steep that me + the bike made a salto afterwards). So 2 questions already to prevent this.
      - does anyone have an idea how much extra weight should be added to or on top of the front wheel to prevent this lifting ?
      - how to do this (while still been able to pedal of course) ? Lowriders + panniers are of course a way to do this but an expendive way given the limited times that this was a real problem.


      Kettwiesel with Rohloff and differential

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    • Anything helps. How much yo need really depends on your personal situation, the road, your weight, how you adjust your seat and so on. Also the way how you pedal has influence. If you have a Nexus or Rohloff put your seat in the lower position. If possible put the back rest in an upright position. Try to pedal in a smooth, round way.
      Additional weight would be most efficient if it's added as low and in front as possible, so I would try to use the Lowrider mounts of the fork. Take a piece of Lead and drill some holes in the right distance for example. But I would try to avoid that and try the other ideas first. Added weight should be avoided where possible.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential
    • Thanks.
      I try to pedal smooth, but on those sections, certainly if the road is paved with cobblestones, extra force (sometimes much) was requierd. Since a few months, I have also a Rohloff (42/21 on the first line and 26/29 on the second) and in theory I am now able to pedal up to nearly 29% smaller then previously with a derailler. A differential is (luckily) already on the trike. While I haven't had the opportunity to do such climbs already during a real bike tour, I was able to test it somewhere. And while the exact gradient of the slope was unknown, it looked at least 20 or 25 %, and at that time the problem of ''lifting off' occured again.
      The back rest is already in an upright position. But what do you mean with putting the seat in a lower position ? It is not the back rest, wright ?

      Kettwiesel with Rohloff and differential
    • Personally a PLCE s10 respirator pouch will fit on each side of the front wheel using a simple pannier rack. They cost buttons and are waterproof. they hold on with studs that will be really hard to remove. i used them on my kett for years. I put my tools and locks, clothing and everything in these and had a lot less problems with jumping and skipping wheels and a steel frame Kett.

      wish i could have the same set up on my Kross...