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    • Flag location

      For what I paid for my kette,I would have thought there was a place to attach to the back of my trike.running the shaft through a loop in the side of seat and then wedge in the seat frame is a bit crappy.i have tried using copper tubing attached to the frame for the generator.Has anyone came with a better idea :?:
    • Hi,

      I know this is a bit late but this is the solution I have found. I bought an inexpensive 5ft flag for a 'trailer bike'. The flag pole splits in two and the bottom section has a metal plate intended to fit over the axle nut of the trailer bike. The pole is held captive in the metal plate but I prised it out and made a small modification so the the pole can be slipped in and out of the plate. I secure the plate using the quick release on one of the seat stays.