Is the New Face Book Forum really going to be better than this one?

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    • Is the New Face Book Forum really going to be better than this one?

      Just wondering if the new Face Book Hase Forum will really be better than this one. Since this one apparently appears to be Hase Company sponsored and does not seem to get a lot of attention or monitoring from Hase itself, what is there that will be different about the Hase Forum on Face Book? Is the Hase Company involved in that? While I am certainly not trying to be difficult, there does not seem to be a whole lot of evidence in this forum of customer support. Maybe that was not the intended purpose of this forum. Its a shame because its a great way for customers to find solutions and quick answers to questions they might have about their Hase Products.

      While I can only speak for myself, maybe we expect too much. After spending thousands of dollars for a product and even more for accessories maybe we still are expecting too much to have our questions answered in a timely fashion. Maybe it just me, but I sure do not understand this business model or customer service like this. One would think that the home office would take a keen interest in how things are really operating company wide.

      If I am wasting my time typing this so be it. I need to say, Hase certainly makes good products. Hase Products are well designed. his is why I purchased the two Trikes I did after test riding every other trike that were available in my area. Actually the Hase Trikes I got to test ride belonged to other people because hardly any Hase dealers have them in stock. Trying to find a new Hase Lepus is Stock is ridiculous. Hase, don't you see this as a problem? Its gotten to the point where members of the other forum I am involved with and new members there who are interested in Hase Delta trikes are contacting me for information because they cannot seem to get the information they need or answers to the questions they ask from the Dealer or the Distributor.

      Hase I hope someone from your home office and management team takes the time to read this post. I am not trying to be critical of your company. I am trying to point out a problem that you should take note of! This is an area that needs big improvement.

      Companies have learned long ago that if they provide good customer service, and keep their current customers happy, they not only promote good will but they also end up with repeat customers. They realized that the person or people that buy their products, have direct family members influenced by what brands of things they purchase, also relatives, friends, and their friends.

      I really hope that someone from you main office pays attention here. People spending thousands of dollars want customer service, if not they will go elsewhere.


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