Nuvinci Option on Lepus Trike

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    • Nuvinci Option on Lepus Trike

      Last year I was investigating the possibility of installing a Nuvinci Drive in place of the Nexus 8 in my Lepus Trike. While the Nuvinci Drive just cleared and would mount in the same space, it would have been a very tight fit with little or no room to operate.

      I was in contact with Hase Directly and was told the engineers were working on it.

      Sometime earlier this year I noticed that Hase is now offering the Nuvinici Drive as an Option.

      What I would like to know is the Nuvinici can be fitted to older Lepus models?

      Is there a manual that shows the installation and what is needed? If so how can I get the manual so I can look it over before I decide what I wish to do?

      I have searched Hasebikes and so far I have not seen the Manual for this option. ?( :?:

    • I guess it's so new that you won't find it before the start of the next season (which will be around September).
      Regarding a retrofit of the Nuvinci into your Lepus, I guess, if your Nexus is mounted like this:

      it's probably possible. If it looks different on your Lepus, it probably won't fit.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential
    • My Nexus as well as the Rohloff would mount the same way as the Nexus Spawn. How ever, the Nuvinci is a much tiger fit as I shared with Hase with the photographs I provided them with late last year. So that is why I posted my original question.

      It seems Hase Started offering the Nuvinci option on their price sheets this year. So I am looking for information such as a manual or installation procedure or a picture that will show it. I also need to know if it will fit the older Lepus models.

    • I don't know how old your Lepus is. That's why I posted the above picture. I would be more than surprised if they had changed the frame for the nuvinci. So they created an adapter. If your Lepus is like the one on the picture you can use the adapter. If you have an older model the adapter will not work.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential
    • Spawn my Lepus is a 2006 model. The Nexus mounts exactly as it shows in that picture. Have you seen this adapter that you are mentioning that Hase has created? Do you have first hand information that Hase created an adapter for mounting the Nuvinci Drive or is that speculation on your part? If you have seen it do you have a picture of it that you could forward to me or tell me where I could go to take a look at it?

      I guess I will give you a day or two to respond since you might be on holiday. Since you mentioned an adapter in your previous post, its stands to reason that you actually have first hand knowledge of this right?

      It sure would be nice if someone from Hase themselves would step in and help confirm the mounting of the Nuvinci. Do you think there is any Chance of that happening?


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    • Sorry, I don't have any first hand information or a picture. I only assume that there is one, as I would be more than surprised if they made a special frame just for the nuvinci and there is a special mounting adapter for the Rohloff and one for the Nexus.
      At the end of the month is the Eurobike fair where Hase traditionaly presents the new catalogue for the next year and all new things they invented over the year. So probably in 3 to 4 weeks it should be possible to find pictures. And for the same reason Hase will probaly not give any information before that date. Maybe (again, just guessing) it's possible to already order the Nuvinci with a Hase trike, but maybe it won't be delivered before after the fair.

      (No, I'm not on holidays (unfortunatly), but I have a job, so sometimes replies take some time. Please keep in mind: I don't work for Hase or a Hase related company. I write here just for fun in my free time.)
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential
    • Thanks for the response. I thought you might have some first hand information after reading your post. The Nuvinci has been on the US price list for some time now. We have Recumbent Con show which should take place sometime this fall. Maybe I will get a chance to see it there. I figured since you are over in Europe you would have a better chance than I would. My wive's company has customers over in Germany so many one of them can keep an eye out for it.

      I am kind of surprised that Hase is not more involved in the forum. It would be awful nice is they would take more interest in some of these questions.

      Thanks again for your response.

    • Stephan can the Nuvinci be fitted to an older Hase Lepus model? Also what does someone do if there is no licensed Stocking Dealer within a reasonable driving distance from my location?

      Even if someone is listed as a dealer, they might not be experienced. For example, at one time I called a dealer that is on the US list that is about 200 miles 0r 3 1/2 hrs away from location. That is a 7 hour round trip and 400 miles or more on my car.

      I asked about getting the tracking checked and set on my rear wheels. The fellow that does the mechanical work in the shop said well we do not stock the bikes. Then he proceeded to ask me what I meant by tracking. When I explained it, he said that they have never done that.

      Stephan maybe things are different where you are. For a customer like myself that is very mechanically inclined, when I find myself in a situation like the one I just described, it makes me realize that I have learn to do the repairs myself. Since I have no Licensed Hase Dealer local to me or even within a reasonable distance that I can depend on for minor or major repairs or upgrades, I have no other options. If your company would establish a dealer in the Champaign IL area which is where the University of Illinois is located, I would gladly support that dealer.

      From what I gather from my research, Hase is only installing the Nuvinci Harmony Hub as part of an E-Trike? Is that correct? As a US Veteran who is constantly in touch with other disabled veterans. When I am at my local Veterans Hospital, I constantly get asked questions about my Hase Recumbent trikes and options. It would be nice to be able to pass on information about this option to them.

      I have already put a Hase Catalog in the hands of my regular physician so he could share it with the other doctors in his office and the patients they encounter that might be interested in healthy exercise.

      Again, I have nothing against the Hase company or its products, I just feel that certain things like communication, customer service, and marketing really need to be improved. I keep trying to send that message to the Hase company but somehow its not getting heard.

      Last but least, will the Nuvinci Harmony Hub mount and fit a 2006 model Hase Lepus Trike? Regardless of who installs it can it be done without changes to the frame? In other words, is the mounting the same as the Rohloff or Nexus hub? If not how does it mount?


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