How can you contact Hase in Germany by phone

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    • How can you contact Hase in Germany by phone

      Is there a way to contact Hase in Germany by Telephone in order to reach customer service and get a problem resolved?

      I really like Hase Bikes/Trikes but I am at the point where I need some direct help resolving some issues so I am prepared to make an overseas call.

    • Thanks Spawn, I called there today. I finally called back and left a message with someone I hope will respond and help me solve my issue. It would really be helpful if Hase would post a chain of command so the customer would have a path to follow in order to get help with issues and problems that arise. Good customer service goes a long way to help any company's sales. There is no doubt in my mind that Hase makes a good products. Even so, I think there are times when good products and their reputations can become tainted by the mishandling of customers by both distributors and dealers.