Hase Pannier Rack

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    • Hase Pannier Rack

      I finally was able to get the Pannier Rack mounted on my Lepus. It would have been very nice if the Rack had come with instructions but it didn't. When the rack first arrived, I attempted to fit it on to the Lepus but it seemed like the disc brake was going to keep it from fitting properly. Since this was Lepus and was an accessory for, I expected it so fit more precisely. When it did not fit initially I contacted the Dealer/Distributor and asked about returning it for refund. I was asked to wait until Monday so she could contact someone in Germany for some assistance. So today was Monday and I had been waiting since last week, so I called. I was told she still had not heard anything. I was lucky enough to have a conversation tonight with a person that has a business selling Pannier racks and bags. He took a look at the pictures I sent him and then looked at the one picture of the rack on the Hase web site, and gave me good advice and I was able to install it..