History of the Lepus!

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    • History of the Lepus!

      Is there any place on the Internet where there is a history of the Hase Lepus model? I am looking for information that tells what year Hase started making the Lepus Trike, how many different models of the Lepus trike there are? What changes were made that made each model different? I am also interested what options worked on which models?

      Kindest Regards,

      Jason :D
    • I guess this question is just being ignored. Its been here since february with no response. From what I can find on the web myself I think the Lepus was introduced in sometime in the Mid 90s.

      I have heard from others in another forum that at one time they actually had 26 inch back wheels but I have never seen a picture of one. I was looking for information to see if a Lepus with 26 inch rear wheels ever existed.

      As I mentioned in another post, I would think someone from the Hase company would take more interest in their own forum.