Early Hase Luggage bags

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    • Early Hase Luggage bags

      Can someone tell me if the early rear bags for the Hase Trikes were made by Ortlieb. Were there any kind of manual on how to use them with the Hase Lepus or Kettwiesel? Did they just sit on the back of the bike in the luggage netting or did they attach to the trike somehow?


      Jason :)
    • Hi Stephan,

      So the luggage bag that said Hase on them was not waterproof and it just sat on top of the net? Is there anything or any pictures that tell how to properly use the straps and buckles? I am getting ready to do some touring with my Lepus. I discovered my Lepus is 2006 model that sat unsold until recently. So I bought my Lepus used from the original owner who had it less than a year. I know the dealer that sold it to her and I was told by both the previous owner and dealer that it did not come with a cargo net. This Lepus only came with the black bag that said Hase on it, and the two metal poles to fit through the bag into the fender. So I ordered the cargo netting and I am waiting for it arrive from Germany. So I will need to see a picture of how the black bag attaches to cargo net and does not fall off the bike.

      One last thing, I also put the tow plate on for the curved tow arm trailers. Can I tow a trailer with the netting in place?


    • Here is a follow up question I asked in February of 2014 which has never been addressed or answered by Hase. It is now July of 2014 and I had to resort to doing my own testing which can be risky and expensive if things go wrong. I found the following.

      My wife did a water test on the Older Luggage Bag that just said Hase on it with reflective stripes and found it at least water resistant if not water proof. During our personal tests no water was able to penetrate the bag and to this date no water has penetrated the bag.

      I also found out that the Cargo Net does Fit my 2006 Lepus and it appears to be designed for it as well as the Luggage Bag.

      In addition it is also possible to tow a trailer with a bent or curved arm with the netting and travel bag in place.

      This was information I was hoping that Hase would provide for me prior to making my Solo Tour down Natchez Trace Parkway.

      I am very disappointed that No one from the Hase Company has stepped up and attempted to answer my followup questions.

      As anyone can see these follow-up questions have just been ignored for months with no end in sight.