Thule rack on 2011 KettWeisel

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    • I couldn't think why not as long as you don't have the carbon fibre fork.

      I had the idea you wanted to transport your Kettwiesel in/on a car with a Thule rack, but it look like you want to mount something on the fork to transport luggage? In that case I have no idea if the Thule rack would work. For the fork it's probably no problem, but it might not fit. The only thing I know that will work is the original Hase lowrider for the fork. But there might be others I don't know of.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential

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    • So far I have not found any Pannier Racks other than the one Hase sells themselves that look like they have the proper bolt pattern and configuration for the Kettweisel or Lepus front fork. This is assuming you are running a 20 inch front wheel and have the pre-drilled holes in fork to mount the Pannier Rack. I would suggest that you contact the Hase distributor if you are considering mounting this on any Hase Kettwiesel that might have a 16 inch front wheel mounted. Pannier bags on the other hand are a different story. I am sure there are several of them that will fit and mount on the Front Pannier like the Ortlieb Front Roller Plus, Ortlieb Front Roller Classic, or Ortlieb Front Roller High Visability that will be released later this year. There are other brands that should fit and work as well but Ortlieb would be the same manufacturer as the rear bag for the KettWiesel and Lepus Trikes.