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    • Differential

      I'm a new ket owner and my dealer is also new. The only manual we have is the owners and that is rather vague. I bought the Custom that comes with the Nexus 8. I also purchased the differential. The differential came uninstalled with the Shimano body attached for the 9 sp cluster. Does anyone know how to detach the Shimano body? Also, how do you pull the left wheel axle out to attach the drive shaft.
    • I think you can't detach the Shimano freewheel. But you don't need to. You install the singlespeed-cog and the spacers that you should have now on the Kettwiesel. (Underneath them you should find a normal freewheel as well)
      With the acle I'm not sure, but I think your dealer should be able to get a proper manual from Hase.
      Have you checked if you can find anything in the download area? (hasebikes.com/27-0-Download.html)
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential