Airing up tires

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    • My Kettwiesel has Presta valve. Presta valves are slimmer and usually taller than Schrader valve that is commonly found on automobile tires and inexpensive bicycles.

      Presta valves have a built-in valve cap but usually come with a valve cap same as a Schrader valve; but it is redundant and most cyclists discard them because they are unnecessary. Schrader valves require an external valve cap because any pressure against the core results in release of air. Unless the Presta valve is open, nothing happens when you press the core.

      You open the Presta valve by unscrewing the core and then using a pump with a presta valve head to inflate the tire or a pump with the new "Smart Head" that automatically adjust to whether the valve is Presta or Schrader. Push in the core like you would a Schrader valve to burp it so that it will inflate readily. If you do not this the valve may not accept air. Don't forget to screw the core back in.

      Have you only previously used Schrader valves?
    • First off Thank You for Your reply. I have only used schraders and this valve was new to Me. Luckily We got out the tool kit and there was a small air pump with the Presta valves. I would have liked to air the tires up with My compressor but after some pumping I got some air pressure in them. Only problem is I cannot check the air pressure as all My tools are set up for Schrader. I assume they make an air guage with the presta valve . I will do a search on the internet and see if I can find one now that I know what they are called thanks to You.