Versions of Tagun

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    • Versions of Tagun


      I'm looking at a s/h Tagun at the moment (black frame, silver rims and carrier). I notice that the headstock bearing is different - it has a bump whereass the later versions of Tagun have a flush bearing (and black rims, crankset etc.). Does anyone know if the headstock change was a revison due to problems with the older design or if it was just a cost/cosmetic change? And if there are any other known problems with the earlier versions of the Tagun ...

      If anyone wants to sell a good condition Tagun I'm in the market ...
    • I think there are two versions, just like the Kettwiesel (and the Lepus I think), the old version beeing based in a steel frame and the newer version based on an alloy frame. The newer version has a lot of details changes, from wheels over steering to seat. Of course the old version is not a bad bike anyway.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential