First outing, numb hands - handlebar adjustment advice pls

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    • First outing, numb hands - handlebar adjustment advice pls

      So the new Pino got a bashing from Brighton to Eastbourne - 8 steepish climbs (along with lots of traffic - not like Northern France!!!)

      All in all not a bad day out for the first 110k run

      First off, our buying decision has been well and truly validated. Frances (stoker) loved the new riding position and that along with the fold-ability (yet to be tried) has made the Pino worth the purchase - well done Hasebikes

      Issues arising:
      Stocker needs different a ratio - I suspect changing the chainring on the freewheel end will be the easiest solution

      The Rohloff is stiff and sometimes jams from 8 to 7, running in may solve
      Overall gearing is too high, 24mph in the cruise needs to come down to 22 so we have a higher gear for climbing (towing trailer)
      Biggest issue is pilot's hand positions. Those bars need more work to get the wrist position right. Numb hands this morining - NOT good

      ...Oh and my arms and back ache! Good workout compared to the regular Cannondale tandem.

      Well done Hasebikes

      Has anyone modified the bar positions at all? and care to share?