Early Rohloff Hub On Today's Kettwiesel

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    • Early Rohloff Hub On Today's Kettwiesel

      Due to health reasons, I am motivated to convert to recumbent riding. Wanting to ride year around in Wisconsin winter weather, I am interested in a Kettwiesel. I recently bought a preowned Rohloff. Based on correspondence with Rohloff, and the serial number, this hub is from the early years of production. Is there any reason this hub couldn't be mounted on a Kettwiesel with a differential?
    • Yes. Because the Hase Kettwiesel needs a special Hubcase. A normal Rohloff hub can not be mounted onyo the Kettwiesel.
      Of course, I guess, if Hase would sell you such a custom case und and send in you hub and the case to Rohloff to get the case changed it would be possible, the age of the hub doesn't matter, but that is rather complicated and probably not cheap too.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential