Sore and numb hands for pilot on Pino

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    • Sore and numb hands for pilot on Pino

      Mrs Uncle Phil and I toured about 1000 miles through the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium this spring on our Pino. The bike performed pretty well, but besides the pannier/stand issue which I've asked about in another thread, I also experienced problems getting my hands comfortable on the pilot's handlebars.

      Our bike has derailleur gears, with bar-end controls, and clearly this limits what handgrips or padding we can use, because the gear cables need to go through the grips. We have Specialized Bar Phat silicon gel pads (two layers) and handlebar tape on the pilot's bars.

      Despite this, I found that after a few days, my hands were becoming numb, with pins-and-needles sensations. I also found my hands were becoming weak, and found it difficult to grip tightly (especially when cold).

      I found that swinging the bars inwards a few degrees, so that my wrists were at a more natural angle, helped, but didn't solve the problem. I think I can improve things a little more by swinging the bars forward too, but I haven't tried this yet.

      Has anyone else had this problem? Have you found anything that helped? Do Hase themselves have any suggestions?