Using the stand with underseat pannier rack

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    • Using the stand with underseat pannier rack

      Our Pino (an oldish steel Tour) has both the pannier rack beneath the stoker's seat and the twin stand.

      The stand is great. BUT: if our big panniers are fitted, they push the stand down beneath them so that the legs catch on the ground on corners. Or we can tie the stand up, but then the panniers rest on it so that they don't hang vertically, and of course we can't easily use it.

      We could avoid the problem by using small panniers, and mounting them as far back as we can. But then the pilot's toes catch on them, and anyway, for camping touring, we need big panniers, and this is the place to put them. So we've gone without the stand.

      Everything else on the Pino seems so well thought-out. This is the one major disappointment. Has anyone else encountered the same problem, and what fixes have you come up with?
    • We where running large pannier on the front from last 30 days, we didn't have the same problem. We've got a newer Pino, and it has 3 mounting position on the front of the stand to the frame, we had it the lowest position (about 1 inch lower from top).

      The stand occasionally caught the pannier when it 'flicked' up but mostly tucked in just fine (in the lowest position) but the problem was our large panneir where rubbing on the ground on cornering. This lead to small wholes in a front most Ortleb panniers.

      We used old cut up bicycle tubes and gaffer tape to protect the bags, which worked find, even if they rubbed on the ground a tiny amount on cornering. I just wish we'd protected them first, befor the wholes so they where still watertight.