rear wheel removal

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    • rear wheel removal

      I bought a Kett years ago but I haven't used it much. It'd be a lot handier if I could take it with me when I fly somewhere but I can't get it in my plane with the rear wheels attached.

      I've been reading about wheel removal and I'm a bit hesitant about it. I realize I need to find a way to put a lot of leverage on my 10mm hex key. The drive wheel is reverse threaded? I want to be sure before I go torquing it. Are there any other complications to removing the wheels? Is it alright to do it frequently (a few times per month)?

      The Quickstick hubs look like what I need. Is it simple to retrofit them on an older Kett?

      Thank you!

    • Unfortunatly you can't get the Quicksticks on older Kettwiesels. :( (I'd love to get them on mine as well)
      And I don't think the older hubs are designed to be taken of a lot.
      With the directions you are right. But you need a lot of force and the Bolt is quite deep inside the hub. On my first try I broke a tool off. Then I bought one of those:…zeuge&hash=item5ad41b96fc
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential
    • I appreciate the info, Spawn - not really what I wanted to hear, but that's what I needed to know.

      I'm planning to use a standard (short) 10mm socket on an extension. I'll be interested to see how much torque it takes. Speaking of much torque should I apply when re-installing it? Do I need to apply thread lock? (I'd prefer to just re-tighten it regularly.)

      If I do this too many times, what's likely to fail? I'm thinking I should order some replacement parts in advance.

      Can you tell that my Hase dealer went out of business a few years ago? It might be time for me to jump ship and try something else. I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed with lesser 'bents.

      Thank you!

    • Here you can find the manuals
      This one shows it on page 20 and 21 (only german though)
      Hm, unfortunatly the manual for the newer AL Kettwiesel dosn't have the Info in the online document, only in the paper version. I think Hase doesn't want people to remove the wheels themselves, only dealers should do this.
      Kettwiesel AL mit Rohloff und Differential