What year is the trike I just bought?

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    • What year is the trike I just bought?

      I can't locate a serial number so here are a couple pics. Components include:

      Tektro discs, Sora derailer, SRAM PC59 chain, 9 speed cassette (34 largest sprocket).

      I assume that the "comfort" boom was an option as was the speeddrive and barend shifter. Correct?

      Thanks much, and looking forward to a nice ride tomorrow on it.

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    • You should find the number somewhere near the breaks or at this arc over the rear derailleur. With that number the Hase-guys are able to tell you the exact year. It might be hard to read because the paint is quite thick.
      Since it's with disc but still the steal-frame I would guess around 2003.
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