Lepus seat failure

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    • Lepus seat failure

      We just purchased two new Lepus. Gus' height 188 cm, weight 95 kg. Mary's height 170 cm, weight 66 kg. Both trikes have Rohloff, Swiss XM180, and differential.

      When I ride them, the seats covers all separate at the precisely same point, on the seam at my lower left back. This happened on our first new trike in we received in February, and it happened again on the second trike we received in May. Every time, it starts as shown in "lepusSeat3_20120609.jpg" and expands upward. This third failure occurred after the first 1 hour riding.

      The first two tears (February and May) were after the dealer put on the seat. The third tear (June) is after I put on the replacement seat cover. All velcro straps are tight, and the cord is correct at the bottom.

      Mary is riding hers without seat failure.

      I do not have this problem on my Greenspeed GTO mesh seat cover, and I do not have this happen on my older Lepus with older mesh seat cover.

      Why is the new Lepus seat cover failing - always at the same point?
      • lepusSeatTear_20110205.jpg

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    • Hello Gklott,
      my name is Andre and I´m working for Hasebike in Germany, we are sorry about your problems with the seat cover.
      We had some problems with the seat and of cause you will get a new one form us. Pleas contact your dealer and he´ll get a good seat cover from us in germany.
      I hope every other stuff works fine and enjoy your ride with the Lepsus.

      All the best

      Andre Arandjelovitsch