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  • I thought that it was bad in Holland, but I guess the truble is everywhere. Over here, most local councils (krankenkasse) had contracts/deals with certain suppliers. This resulted in us (handicapts) getting trikes that where verry expensive but not practical. Beaceause the government paid, no one could say anything about it (your where allready happy with getting some aid). Thanks to free trade, your able to have more of a say in what bike you want/need. It's still not perfect (beceause you have…

  • looking for a second hand trets

    linda - - Trets


    Hello there, I am looking for a used trets, has anyone got one for sale? please let me know.

  • tipping with lepus

    linda - - Lepus


    Hello There, Hopefully I will get a hase lepus comfort with electric support from our local council beceause I am handicapt. I allso have two children and beceause the lepus can have a childrensseat this would be ideal. I live in The Netherlands, so it's quite flat where I drive. The supplier told me that for safety sake, only one child can be in a seat (and the other can than be in a trailer behind the lepus). I would love to have two childrensseats so that I don't have a kidcar behind me and t…