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  • New Pino Mailing List

    Roibeard - - Pino


    Chris Rust has just launched a new, English language, mailing list for those interested or owning a Pino: It's already generating a bit of traffic, and it may well be useful for more informal discussions. Chris is a Pino owner who has blogged about his experiences at: Hope this helps, Robert

  • Oops, found the answer in the General forum: HASE Differential Robert

  • I've seen an older 9 speed KettWiesel for sale and wondered if it would be possible to install the differential and/or hub gears (probably Nexus rather than Rohloff)? Is the differential "limited slip", or in slippy conditions, is there the possibility to loose traction with all the power going to the slipping wheel? Thanks in advance, Robert

  • PINO

    Roibeard - - Pino

    Post This couple cycled across America on their Pino, and recorded the journey - you might find it interesting. I think the Pino is rated for 250 kg, so you'd be well within that. My wife and I haven't covered many miles, however we've used a rear carrier with two Ortlieb rear roller panniers (2x20 l) and a medium rack pack (31 l). Ortlieb do a recumbent bag set (2x27 l), and this might fit on the Pino's optional lowrider rack. This is meant to take up to 4 panniers, I think front…

  • I'd reassembled the bottom bracket before reading your post, and given the difficulty in removing the plastic ends, I'd prefer to leave it! The spacer, however, was very neatly fitted such that the circlip is butted up tight against the spacer. There's still a little play in the bottom bracket, but I can live with that. The horrible noises were resolved by either an oil change or a new rear chain, carefully cut to the length specified in the manual. Unfortunately I did both things together, so I…

  • Following up to myself for the benefit of others - there were two sealed bearings held in with a spacer and circlip. The bearings are 17x30x7mm (inside diameter, outside diameter, width) with rubber seals - easily available from bearing suppliers (and some online bicycle shops). I splashed out on some branded bearings (SKF 69032RS1), in the hope that I wouldn't need to go near them for longer... That said, the play in the old bearings was very little - the bike was making strange noises, hence t…

  • I'll give the tightening a try - I guess Park's BBT-7 ( will fit on both sides. My crude attempts to read some German forums (via Google Chrome's translation) suggested that some had replaced the bottom bracket and left hand crank with the later ordinary bottom bracket and unusual crank (with freewheel), but this seemed to be due to freewheel failures rather than bottom bracket issues. Are the bearings and race available from Hase, or are they standard …

  • I've a Pino titanium (2008) with a loose bottom bracket - this one has the freewheel integrated with the spindle, unlike the later models with the freewheel in the crank. Is it possible to adjust this bottom bracket? The manual has instructions for removing it and a technical drawing, but it doesn't appear to have a lock-ring as I'd expect for conventional cup and cone brackets. Alternatively, is it possible to replace the ball bearings on this type of bracket? Thanks in advance, Robert

  • Pino Titan / Titanium

    Roibeard - - Pino


    Yesterday I rode a Pino for the first time - unfortunately solo, so I have yet to experience it as intended! It had a titanium frame - does anyone know why these were discontinued? Were they just too expensive, or were the steel/aluminium versions better in some ways? Thanks in advance, Robert