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  • Lepus touring advantage over Kettweissel

    WebbCMH - - Lepus


    I am planning on long distance touring with 2 Hase recumbents in tandem with the first bike being a handcrank machine and the second bike being a regular pedal powered machine. Is the increased weight of the Lepus easily compensated by the increase in comfort on long tours or is there no great advantage over using a pair of lighter kettweissels? Also if anyone has some first hand knowledge of tandem riding 2 kettweissels (or 2 Lepus) with one being handcrank please contact me here or by private …

  • Kettweisel Handbike information

    WebbCMH - - Handbike


    Hi Guido - I just signed up and saw your post seeking information. We are also trying to find more out about the handbike and the regular kettweissel as myself and a wheelchair bound friend of mine are looking to link a regular kettweissel bike with a handbike version and over the next year or so embark on longer and longer tours eventually doing a multiple thousand km cross continent tour. Like you I feel there must be people who have done this kind of thing with a bucket load of useful knowled…